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Program Management Modules available for:
XC2 Backflow Software for Cross Connection Control Management is designed for managers of Cross Connection Control programs for:
  • Public Health Departments' Backflow Prevention Programs
  • Building Departments
  • Plant/Factory Backflow Prevention Maintenance Systems
  • Hospitals/Institutions
  • Other large facilities with many backflow prevention devices
  • Commercial Backflow Prevention Testing Organizations
XC2 Backflow Software provides a comprehensive record keeping and a complete cross connection control management program all in one easily used integrated system.

XC2 Backflow Software schedules, tracks and maintains the entire backflow prevention assembly testing program including sending of notices, test result history and reports, test report forms,repair data compilation and issuance of work orders.

XC2 Backflow Software captures your entire facility/customer information and assembly information database and integrates and structures it so that it is immediately accessible and cued for testing, customer responses and action letters and reporting.

XC2 Backflow Software is available as a single-user system or multi-user system in a client/server format.

XC2 Backflow Software implements a very clean and easy to read Graphical User Interface(GUI) to work in complement with Windows/NT/2000/XP Point-and-click menus, icons,buttons,actions as buttons and menus.

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